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I'm Dr. Mehmet Besir SURME,

As a specialist in brain and nerve surgery, I am delighted to provide you with services. Through this website, I am here to offer informative content related to health and provide you with the most suitable treatment options.

About Me

Dr. Mehmet Besir SURME is an expert in the field of brain and nerve surgery, having completed his specialized training and focusing his career particularly on pil surgery and other complex neurological procedures.

Equipped with years of extensive experience and knowledge, our doctor is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for patients struggling with neurological issues and providing them with the best treatment methods. He adopts an individualized approach with each patient, addressing their unique healthcare needs.

Throughout this journey, he consistently updates and expands his expertise in deep pil surgery, complex neurological procedures, and multidisciplinary treatment methods. He strives to provide safe guidance to his patients on their health journeys and offers them the most suitable solutions by keeping up with the latest techniques and technologies offered by modern medicine.

Dr. Mehmet Besir SURME is a recognized expert in the field of brain and nerve surgery, known for his contributions to healthcare. With a focus on both science and humanity, he continues his mission of providing each patient with attentive and effective treatment.

By creating customized treatment plans for each patient, he aims to contribute to individuals facing neurological challenges in leading healthy and happy lives.

My Services

Brain Tumors

Brain Hemorrhages

Calvarial Mass


Pseudotumor Cerebri

Decompressive Craniectomy

Chiari Syndrome

Deep Brain Stimulation 

Vagal Nerve Stimulation 

Spinal Cord Stimulation 

Sacral Stimulation 

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Baclofen Pump Implantation


Facial Paralysis



Lumbar Disc Herniation 

Cervical Disc Herniation 

Spondylotic Myelopathy 

Arnold Chiari Syndrome 

Spinal Masses

Vertebral Fracture



Spinal Cord Stimulation

Trigger Point Injection

Spinal Stenosis 



Tethered Cord Syndrome



Spasticity (Baclofen Pump)

Cerebral Palsy

Brain Tumors

Sacral Stimulation (Bladder Pacemaker)

Epilepsy (VNS)

We focus on your neurological health with the services we offer. In our area of expertise, we address various neurological conditions and provide personalized treatments.

Treatment Philosophy

 Dr. Mehmet Besir Surme maintains his expertise in the field of brain and nerve surgery by adopting a unique perspective for each patient and customizing treatment plans according to individual needs.

 His profound knowledge and extensive experience in his field shine through in the unique relationships he establishes with his patients. A personalized examination and evaluation process for each patient are fundamental steps to understand their current condition and determine the most effective treatment options.

 When creating treatment plans, factors such as the patient's lifestyle, overall health status, and specific preferences are taken into account. This individualized approach provides a significant advantage in offering patients more effective and personalized treatments.

 Clear communication during the treatment process is key to establishing a trusting relationship between the patient and the doctor. Dr. Sürmeli aims to engage in continuous dialogue with his patients and prioritize understanding their concerns, intending to plan the treatment process together.

 Patient satisfaction is the top priority in his services. Alongside treatment outcomes, ensuring positive experiences for patients in their health journey holds great significance for him. Striving to provide each patient with a healthier future, maintaining this balance between personal and professional goals serves as a significant source of motivation.

Best wishes for healthy days ahead!

Op. Dr. Mehmet Besir SURME
Specialist in Brain and Nerve Surgery